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About Nikki Auberkett

My most recent debut, Ithandryll, is the culmination of over 23 years of writing and revisions—don’t do the math, but I started writing it when I was only eleven years old!


Originally intended to be one stand-alone book, it is now the first of a planned 6-8 book series, Song of the Sidhe. The estimated discrepancy is based on my main characters’ terrible habit of never following the map.

When I'm not finding ways to vent about human rights via mythological retellings or triple-checking my notes on ancient seafaring voyagers, I can be spotted periodically throughout the city of Chicago testing my limits of coffee intake (I have yet to find one).

My latest projects

Current Series


Song of the Sidhe

The sun shall set another day

Stars will dance with the moon

The siren’s song leads none astray

She brings the morning soon

Great stones shall fall into despair

When Oberon’s heir takes wing

The blood of Balor will rise again

All when the firebird sings


Garden of the Gods

Nothing ever happens here...which is why everything happens here.

From deadly storms to vanishing children, unsolved murders and underhanded politics, the people of Bogarten are beginning to wonder what sort of bad luck suddenly fell on them. This is supposed to be a quiet community in Midwest America, not a hotbed for mysterious tragedies.

But little do they know the reasons behind these events have been living among them the entire time—living, breathing, and enjoying the peace and quiet.

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