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Upcoming Novels

Check out the next in the song of the sidhe and Garden of the Gods series, plus many more amazing modern fantasy stories in the works!

Shattered (16).png

Roxi's secrets weren't just let out of the bag—they were hung up to dry in front of the nation's entire ruling class.

After a horrifying ordeal before hundreds of Ithandryll's most powerful leaders, including her own future in-laws, she gladly allowed herself to be whisked away to safety by her father and Devon's most trusted friends and personal guards. They're not exactly thrilled with their brother-in-arms and hold him accountable for gross negligence, while simultaneously doing their best to lift Roxi's spirits and help her finally bury the past.


Devon's determined to make things right, whatever that takes. Someone didn't just threaten his soulmate—they went through a lot of effort to discredit his name and make the kingdom think he's some sort of monster. But while he's on a hunt through the Night Realm and the High Council, he has to choose whether to focus on that...


...or the rapidly-growing threat of the demonic creatures he swore he exterminated years ago.

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